PPC or Pay per click advertising is a highly cost-effective way to attract inexpensive, highly targeted website traffic.

Aronfield Agency provides hands-on search engine marketing (SEM) services focusing on pay per click management and consulting services. We work with you like partners, developing search marketing strategies that achieve specific goals: yours, not ours.

The campaigns we design incorporate tracking, so you can the see results, and intelligent analysis, so programs can be continuously refined to achieve greater value, while reducing expenses.

We have the experience to manage campaigns with monthly advertising budgets from $3,000 to $100,000 a month that incorporate 100,000+ keywords, with clients receiving a return on investment from 30% to 400%.

Managing a pay per click campaign is not just about buying keywords, it is about the analysis of the results and determining the maximum cost you are willing to spend down to each individual keyword.

Conversion and ROI Tracking is key, the ability to track performance and gather information is mandatory for success today. Since there isn’t a single tracking program or service that is 100% accurate, Aronfield Agency uses a variety of tracking software programs depending on the clients needs.

What Are The Most Popular Pay Per Click Engines?

There are many cost per click engines operating on the Internet. The three largest cost per click engines are Yahoo and Google AdWords


More than 80% of Internet users are reached by an Yahoo campaign. Overture search results can be seen on Yahoo!, AltaVista, All The Web, Overture, and dozens of other major search engines.

Yahoo has an automated bidding system that ensures a bidder that they will never have to pay more than necessary for the placement they want. While this utility is extremely useful, it still requires tedious labor to monitor the bids and the placement. Our client’s Yahoo campaigns are constantly monitored by our Web Marketing Department to ensure that the campaigns are always cost-efficient.

Google AdWords

More than 200 million times a day, people use Google and its partner sites to find what they’re looking for. A Google AdWords CPC campaign will reach all of the major search engines that are not covered by Overture. These include Google, Froogle, (Google’s new search engine) AOL, Netscape and Excite.

Your ad is ranked on the search results and content pages based on a combination of its maximum cost-per-click (CPC) and clickthrough rate (CTR). The higher your CPC or CTR, the higher your ad’s position. Because this ranking system rewards well-targeted, relevant ads, you can’t be locked out of the top position, as you would be in a ranking system based solely on price.

Both popularity and cost are taken into account.

Our client’s AdWords campaigns are constantly monitored by our Web Marketing Department to ensure that the campaigns are always cost-efficient.

Contact our Web Marketing Department and one of our specialists will give you an analysis of your Web market and which cost per click engines could be the key to driving increased, targeted traffic to your website.

Do you do media buying for online advertising?
:: Most certainly. Aronfield Agency maintains a media department for budget analysis and effective placement in major portals, directories and search engines. Aronfield Agency researches opportunities, plans a schedule, process contracts and payment, negotiates rates and value added services, coordinates materials and reports results.