Conversions and ROI is what it is really all about.

Whether you’re using billboards, direct mail, radio, television commercials or search engine optimization, email marketing, online media buying, the bottom line is your ROI and your sales conversion rate.

The problem is figuring out and tracking your ROI, how do you really judge ROI for billboards or television commercials? You can’t. It’s all based on “impressions.”

Direct mail is relatively easy to calculate but historically has produced a low conversion rate thus generating a smaller return. How many direct mail pieces do you throw away in a week?

Search engine optimization campaigns have a long history of producing highly successful results but have historically been plagued by hard-to-measure conversion percentages.

Collect valuable data…and use it

The ability to track performance and gather information is mandatory for success today. Making use of that data and learning to continuously test, optimize, and refine goals and marketing efforts is a competitive advantage that the best of marketers will use to further separate themselves from all the rest.

We provide you with the tools you need such as our proprietary ROI tracking software, which is designed to provide you with the tangible data you can actually put to use.

We work with you each month to analyze your results and fine-tune your marketing strategy. We’re here to train you on how to understand your data, and use it to make the right adjustments for success.