At Aronfield Agency, we optimize websites using techniques that have lasting effects with no chance of interfering with a search engine’s true goal of providing relevant results to its users, otherwise know as “White Hat” techniques.

Recognizing the power of Google and the fact that over 80% of all web site traffic comes from Google or a Google powered search engine such as AOL, Aronfield Agency  uses Google as the standard for ALL our search engine optimization campaigns.

Users find web sites via search engines, a fact that’s been documented time and time again. Searching is second only to e-mail as the most popular online activity.

Potential buyers who find your site via a search engine are actually looking for your products and/or services. They are literally asking for your marketing message.

Over the past 10 years our search engine optimization experts have helped to develop the standards when it comes to SEO and presenting a web page’s content to search engines that is unprecedented.

10 years ago just about anyone with a little HTML knowledge could be a professional SEO, but with today’s technology it truly takes an expert.

Today most sites utilize dynamic content that is database driven that is supported and maintained internally through a content management system. All of which require a search engine optimization expert to have the skills of a designer, programmer and application developer, as well as being a master of the search engines.

We take a very aggressive and proactive approach to search engine optimization; we spend an average of 80 to 250 hours a year per campaign.

Many of these methods break away from most traditional development protocols, without having to hide any content or any of the many other SEO tactics that can have detrimental effects on search engine rankings. All of these efforts are an attempt to present keyword rich and relevant content for the search engines.

In addition to optimizing the content and code within a Web site, Aronfield Agency’s web marketing team also recognizes the need for other components to create a successful campaign, including Express Submission, Directory Submission, Online Media Buying and Link Popularity are just a few of the tools we use to generate a high Google Page Rank.

At Aronfield Agency we take it a step further, every thing we do is maximizing your return on investment. Search engine optimization campaigns have a long history of producing highly successful results but have historically been plagued by hard-to-measure conversion percentages. Aronfield Agency analytical reporting tools and metrics are designed to tie traffic sources and sales conversions to keywords that customers searched for, and the search engine or portal that led them there.

If you want to learn how Aronfield Agency can develop and maintain a search engine marketing or search engine optimization campaign for your website, you can contact our Search Engine Optimization specialists for more information