Website evaluations are very important to the long-term success of a website. What may have been satisfactory a year or two years ago can be a usability nightmare today. At Aronfield Agency, our web site evaluations will provide you with expert analysis, detailed recommendations and solutions that can be implemented on the spot.

It is often the case that our clients know what’s right with their website, but they don’t necessarily know what’s wrong with it. Based on our thorough analysis and recommendations, you’ll know exactly how your site’s usability and user experience stacks up to the competition.

We perform the same process for each one of our site evaluations.

First, we’ll review your existing website and document every potential issue we encounter. We will then prioritize each issue, which will let you know what on your site needs to be rectified first.

Next, we’ll compile a recommendations document detailing short-term solutions to the issues we encountered. In addition to that, we’ll highlight long-term solutions that will require more in-depth research and analysis.

Finally, we’ll work with you to implement the short-term solutions we’ve come up with. Plus, we’ll develop a long-term plan for accomplishing the goals we’ve set out for you.

How do you conduct your analysis?
:: Each analysis begins with research on your local, regional and national competitors as well as similar industries. From there a thorough critique is done, covering each element of your project from usability to design. Then our recommendations are compiled into a custom report including screen shots, work flow diagrams and more.

How do you pick the sites you review?
:: We pick sites that are representative of their respective industries. Some of our research focuses on a specific type of site (i.e. online retailers or news/information sites), while others examine the web in general. Each is rated for graphical design, functionality, usability and content.

If Aronfield Agency didn’t design our site, can we still hire you to review it?
:: We’re happy to analyze a site regardless of who produced it.