Video Production

We offer professional video production services for any size project. Communication is key, as we always meet our customer’s goals. We have the creative drive that pushes us forward and the experience to take you there, when we take on new clients, we gain new friendships. We’re here year round to help you with your video production needs that reach your goals. Below is a list of some of our recent Video Production work from various Clients. If you are interested in our Video Production services, please email us at [email protected], use our contact form or give us a call: 304.400.4989.

Professional video production services are available for any size project. Communication is key as we always meet our customers goals. Our projects range from TV commercial to filming events.

    • Pre-production Planning – This includes:
        • scripting and casting;
        • location preparation;
        • graphics;
        • one- or multi-camera shoots
    • Post-Production Services – This includes:
        • video editing using one of our state-of-the-art video editing suites;
        • final presentation
        • distribution, via tape or disk, streaming video, traditional Penn Video Network, or national distribution via Research Channel
    • Video Production – The full complement of services that includes all of the above, plus consultation with our staff of experienced professionals.

Ivor’s Trunk Photoshoot Preview – Web Promo – 2017

“The Floor is Lava” – Contemporary Galleries – TV Commercial – 2017

“Gym intimidated” – Ifitt24 Fitness – Web Promo – 2017

“THE PHONE CALL” – HNH COMEDY PROMO – Podcast Commercial – 2015

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